Being online

Don’t confuse having a website with being actively online.

Sure, a website is one of the essential marketing tools in today’s e-commerce, digital marketing internet environment but it isn’t everything.

The success of the internet and the huge selection of channels of communication, apps, search engine competition and social media portals now means we have to work even harder to get ourselves noticed.

Everyone is out there competing for your attention; the noise can be quite deafening at times and you can feel totally bombarded with messages, information and incredible demands upon your time.

A website can be part of a quieter more leisurely pursuit, as long as it can be found of course, SEO allowing. Searching for a service or product and browsing the presented website options almost seems like a rather sedate past time in comparison with all the other options now available.

When we talk about digital marketing we are referring to marketing online. The technical know-how to actively sell, appeal and reach customers using the internet as a tool.

Algorithms on Facebook and Instagram demand that we don’t just post onto these platforms and go and make a cup of tea, but we actively engage in the whole process. It is no longer ok for people to browse your post they need to take action, you need to make them want to.

“Hey you looking at my post – do you love it, do you love me, do you want one?”

Impartial engagement on the platforms can be frowned upon. It’s almost as if you were invited to the party but drank water and leant against the wall all night– you won’t be invited again and no one will want to dance with you!

It is small wonder businesses are asking for help. They recognise they want to be part of the noise, get noticed and be popular but finding time to fit it all in and run their business can be a juggling act.

It is about knowing what matters, what is relevant to your business and where you need to focus. After all you may not need to be on all platforms but it’s knowing which ones and why.

madcreative services have been tailored and designed to support businesses in their time of need, so they can continue working and running their business but be part of lots of relevant conversations.

We totally understand the frustrations, the reluctance and the possible confusion around online engagement. With our clarity, vision and using a shed load of business experience (many working years behind us) we have a knack of unravelling the relevant bits and helping businesses connect. And explaining it too.

And we understand SEO, CMS, Meta tags, Meta descriptions and regularly chat with Google.

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