Black Friday – does it matter?

Black Friday is coming!

A great marketing opportunity or a chance to sell old stock, unused items and services that previously were not popular?

Black Friday has fast become a whole week of potential offers, discounts and opportunities for both the marketer and the consumer to find a bargain, a deal and save money.

A frenzied approach to selling, driving interest and engaging with those who will listen, to see what you have to say or offer.

I was thinking about this and madcreative.

Did we have an offer? In short, no.

If there is one thing I have learnt this year more than any other, deals and offers don’t create loyalty, true engagement or customer retention.
On the high street or on an ecommerce site, this doesn’t necessarily matter.

But in a customer service driven business, it does.

To measure success in our business we need engagement, longevity and commitment.

Thank you, Black Friday, if nothing else it has made me think about our services and what matters, and I’ve now realised why deals are not for us.

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Image with thanks to @unsplash