Lucy at work

Dealing with the unexpected at work

Early on Sunday 14th October I found myself at Moorfield’s Eye Hospital waiting to be seen by a consultant surgeon about a detached retina. On Saturday I had ambled into Boots opticians, as I felt my eye sight was a bit blurry and I wondered why, they had kindly suggested I pop in.

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Websites need good content

Website content

Who would you ask to write your website content?
A professional who knows exactly what to write, how to capture your business message and get you noticed?

Or maybe you think you will find the time?
We have an incredible copywriter that works with madcreative to help ensure your business gets noticed. Ask us for more information.

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Digital marketing

Mastering Technology at 50

Be warned if you are ageist this blog isn't for you!

Lucy talks frankly about why technology has been a challenge but one she has embraced and now supports others in better understanding why it matters!

"I never would have imagined at 50 I would be helping businesses better understand the technology available in the workplace or how to increase their online visibility. Not in a million years!"

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Online marketing matters

Is your business being noticed?

How can I get my business noticed when there is so much going on out there!

By out there; people and business owners are referring to the noise of the internet, fast news and social media.

The incessant drum of information being shared, news worthy articles being written, dramatic stories breaking, viral videos of grannies reading bedtime stories, and the boring Brexit stealing the limelight again and again.

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Website success

Having success with your SEO can be easy!

When was the last time you updated your website?

It is really important that you keep your business website up-to-date and relevant to ensure it showcases the latest information about your business and its services.

Each time you update information, add new content or images it gives the search bots a reason to visit your website.

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Consistent content

Keep your business message strong

Are you consistent, compelling and constant in your business?

How easy is it to be consistent in your actions, a constant advocate of your brand and business with compelling social media posts to support your business message?

Sometimes it can feel as if time just slips away and the distractions of live work projects, life demands, and other immediate needs don’t allow you to think further than the immediacy of what lies before you.

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How to help businesses

Being online

Don’t confuse having a website with being actively on-line.

Sure, a website is one of the essential marketing tools in today’s e-commerce, digital marketing internet environment but it isn’t everything.

The success of the internet and the huge selection of channels of communication, apps, search engine competition and social media portals now means we have to work even harder to get ourselves noticed.

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How much do you really want to succeed?

Understanding where that level of drive comes from or doesn’t is not an easy journey. One would assume everyone would like money, more money and strive for success. Outwardly that is mostly the case but delve a little deeper and scratch about and you suddenly become aware of emotions and hang-ups associated with having money or only having a little money.

And success, is it a natural gift or one that is only achieved by determination and having the right influences?

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madcreative supports business

The challenges of retail

Can a business survive without an ideal client?

I was interested to hear John Roger, Chief Executive of Argos talking on You and Yours today, Friday 6 July about his ambitions and belief Argos can compete with Amazon. And that after a somewhat turbulent few years it is now seeing a positive upward growth. And as we know it is now part of Sainsbury’s offering a potentially more accessible localised market place.

Time will tell.

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madcreative in Kent

Making change

It doesn’t matter how old we are, what we think we know, what our job is, or what we love or like. There will be times when we want to make change and we need to know how to approach it and make it happen.

We can be fully supported and advised along the way if we employ expert advice. This can boost our morale and make everything more tolerant, easier to manage and help us reach our goal. But we still need to challenge our current situation and examine what we need to do differently.

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