How much do you really want to succeed?

Understanding where that level of drive comes from or doesn’t is not an easy journey. One would assume everyone would like money, more money and strive for success. Outwardly that is mostly the case but delve a little deeper and scratch about and you suddenly become aware of emotions and hang-ups associated with having money or only having a little money.

And success, is it a natural gift or one that is only achieved by determination and having the right influences?

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The challenges of retail

Can a business survive without an ideal client?

I was interested to hear John Roger, Chief Executive of Argos talking on You and Yours today, Friday 6 July about his ambitions and belief Argos can compete with Amazon. And that after a somewhat turbulent few years it is now seeing a positive upward growth. And as we know it is now part of Sainsbury’s offering a potentially more accessible localised market place.

Time will tell.

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Making change

It doesn’t matter how old we are, what we think we know, what our job is, or what we love or like. There will be times when we want to make change and we need to know how to approach it and make it happen.

We can be fully supported and advised along the way if we employ expert advice. This can boost our morale and make everything more tolerant, easier to manage and help us reach our goal. But we still need to challenge our current situation and examine what we need to do differently.

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Business outsourcing – the key to MORE time!

As a business owner we should outsource time consuming tasks we aren't expert at delivering and focus on our real skills - running our business.

Our services are designed to support businesses in a modern demanding working environment; website design, graphic design, social media marketing, website optimisation, blog writing and newsletters.

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Business therapy

Creating a new website takes time, careful consideration and thought to ensure you get it right.

It can feel a little bit like you are doing business therapy as you consider all aspects but that can be a good thing.

With madcreative you will be in good hands as we understand business and know how to help you look smart on-line.

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Is your website good enough?

Do not underestimate the importance of having an easy to navigate, modern clear well-presented website which is an eye into your business.
It may be the first thing people see about your business.

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Website maintenance – prevent the avoidable

You have a good business, people love your products, exclaim about your amazing service and yet your website is not performing.

What are you saying about yourself and your business. When the business is buoyant it may not matter but if you want to expand, get better and ensure that the good times continue then you cannot ignore your on-line presence. You need to BE SMART.

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Our top 10 tips for creating your business website.

We have created our tips for helping you create a great website. Websites must reflect your business, be well-presented and look smart on a desktop and a mobile device.
Our services are designed to guide you, inform you and support you through the whole process.

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How to deal with competition in business

Competition is excellent for making us work smarter, be more considered in our approach, drive us to want to be better and make us review our business services to ensure they are the best they can be.

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Getting work experience and finding a job.

We really wish we could employ every student that connects with us however we can't so we're sharing some sound advise instead.

Remember how amazing you are and make sure that your email, the phone call and your CV sells you and your skills.

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