Business therapy

There is no doubt when you are looking to re-write or re-design your business website it can feel like you are beginning a business health check. Without realising what you are about to do; you will find yourself analysing your business, questioning what you do, how you do it and whether you are conveying the right message.

Who are we? Do we portray ourselves in the right way and indeed what are our competitors doing or saying?

This is all extremely important when you think about your business. After all, it’s a competitive market place and you want to ensure you reflect your business in the right way.

Are we the best, the cheapest, the most reliable and who will quantify that; what evidence is there to support the claim?

Awards and accreditations are well-recognised evidence of benchmarks being reached and services being graded.

Alternatively testimonials and case studies are also useful at supporting your business value and customer satisfaction.

I recently had the priviledge of learning about remote control radios, security, window film and circumnavigating around Britain in a yacht. Not because I am about to enter myself into Mastermind but because to fully understand a customers needs I have to try to understand their business, get into the heads of our clients, try to unravel and think about their message and help to present it in the best possible way.

My advice to all businesses when embracing change; enjoy the opportunity to look at your business, your business message, the branding and the supporting content on your website. And make sure you appeal to your ideal customer.

Allow time to do it properly and be mindful of decisions resting on a committee!

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