Dealing with the unexpected at work

Half of me!

Early on Sunday 14th October I found myself at Moorfield’s Eye Hospital waiting to be seen by a consultant surgeon about a detached retina. On Saturday I had ambled into Boots opticians, as I felt my eye sight was a bit blurry and I wondered why, they had kindly suggested I pop in.

I soon discovered I had a retina that as my optician so succinctly put it, was peeling like a piece of wallpaper and gathering momentum. Wow, I sat in shock as this vivid description made me realise that the blur wasn’t going away fast, and it now needed a more serious intervention.

In the past I have discussed eye sight correction surgery with friends and said, no thanks, as the thought of someone operating on my eye while I’m awake seemed a bit gruesome. And yet here I was having an eye operation anyway. I was offered a sedative which I turned down as I figured I wanted to recover quickly. For the gory readers I have to say the worst bit of eye surgery is most definitely the needle in the eye ball. Watching the syringe being pressed down so the local anaesthetic can be released. After that a medley of light patterns, sounds and slight pressure as keyhole surgery takes place.

All went well. But I am now viewing life through a very milky lens that has a water line. At the moment we are on about 85% capacity but each day the water level reduces slightly, this is actually the gas being absorbed. During surgery gas was injected behind the retina and over the next two weeks it will be fully absorbed and then hopefully my eye sight will be back. How back, I am unsure. I am seeing through my left eye, which is pretty weak, but I am getting used to viewing everything through a blur and turning my head to adjust to my lack of peripheral vision.  And I am typing away now, writing this.

The flashing laptop screen does tire my eyes, both good and operated, and by the afternoon I am exhausted. I would curl up and read a book but that would be quite an effort.

But I am working. And thank goodness as I can’t drive, I can’t attend my usual exercise classes and quite frankly life feels a little empty. I was invited to the cinema on Tuesday night, and I was very tempted but then I decided it would probably be quite a strain.

Tonight, is the last night I have to wear my plastic eye guard to bed and sleep all night on my left.

I’m winning.

Needless to say; without the swift action of those I was fortunate to meet over the weekend my outcome may not have been so optimistic. I am so looking forward to full recovery but in the meantime, I am persevering, working, a little grumpy at times but mostly doing just fine.

With special thanks to all my fabulous clients, who are keeping me busy, sane and productive, and they don’t even know it!