Eyes on your business

Struggling to know what is missing with your online presence and why it just isn’t attracting enough attention?

Ask a professional to have a look – give your business an illuminating appraisal that will help you move forward with recommendations about the changes you need to implement to truly be amazing online.

‘Eyes on your business’ has been designed to give you an insight into how others view your business and what your online message is really saying about your services. And importantly you will learn what you need to do to make improvements to gain more engagement, attract more clients, appeal to your audience and improve your search engine optimisation.

Lucy will give you a thought-provoking analysis and insight into your website and provide you with some constructive ways to help you improve, change or better promote your online message.

Would you like to know what you can do to improve your SEO?
Know if your website is really supporting your keywords?
Does the content radiate your business message?
Are your social media platforms putting you in the spotlight?

Call Lucy on 01795 533129 Monday to Friday or email: lucy@wearemadcreative.com

Special offer for GSD Society members £199

You will receive a concise written report following the online appraisal.
And to start, a twenty minute scheduled telephone conversation with Lucy.