Purely Social

Purely social designed to support a growing business to ensure there is continuity and regular engaging posts.

Thoughtful, articulate posts to support your services, products and business activities that reflect you.

Daily posts on Instagram plus two Instagram stories a week and two posts a week on Facebook or Twitter.

We will require you to advise us on services or products you wish to promote.
We will design some fabulous graphics to enhance your social media posts.

Social media success is enhanced by information sharing; therefore, we will require you to provide good quality images of your products to support posts and share your latest business information.

Instagram and Facebook – for maximum affect we do encourage our clients to reply to comments on their posts and to spend a little time each day liking and commenting on other posts they like, this helps keep up engagement and maintain your popularity in the social media status ranks

From *£300 a month

*If we are new to your business we will require one week to familiarise ourselves with your brand, business and services. This time will be part of our first month charge.