Complete business makeover

A business makeover to give you a new vibrant look. Ideas, colours and proposed styles will be presented. We will discuss with your business vision, your ideal client and your services to ensure your new look matches your business aspirations.

A complete re-branding for your business with new colour schemes, overall style and logos with multiple applications; your website, social media, clothing, vehicles and email signatures.

A website with up to 20 pages, full or partial support with producing keyword rich content to ensure the process goes smoothly and does not overwhelm you. We know how hard it can be to write, produce and edit pages of information when you are already busy running your business.

The madcreative team will help and guide you every step of the way.

  • picture and PDF gallery
  • image carousel
  • FAQ’s section
  • blog section
  • services with additional pages detailing services/products
  • about us
  • home page
  • portfolio / our clients / our work
  • testimonial carousel
  • contact us form
  • newsletter sign-up
  • on-brand designed PDF’s to support your services and information
  • comprehensive SEO for your site
  • Google analytics monitoring
  • social media feeds

AND when the site is LIVE you can benefit from 12 stunning social media on-brand designed graphics to ensure your launch goes with a fanfare and you can enjoy a real business boost and an injection of energy on your social media platforms. And we will provide our full telephone and email support for any questions you may have for the first month after your website goes LIVE.

Please note: Search Engine Optimisation of your website is enhanced during its life span by regular updating of the website, ensuring keywords are included in content, meta tags and descriptions. Overtime keywords may need updating and we do advise that your website is maintained, blogs are written, new images added and information is updated on a regular basis to ensure your website functions successfully in searches. It is also worth identifying the key search terms you wish your business to be associated with and to make sure these are included in the site.

Prices from £3000

Every website build is unique, the information here is to give you an idea of prices and what may be included but please talk to us about your exact requirements. Your business is important and may not fit exactly into one of the three website categories described but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you.