Don’t be defensive: be assertive

I think we have all met the doubters. It is really hard not to be defensive about your business, your ambitions and your goals when you meet them.
I owned my first business over 16 years ago. Sure, I made mistakes, but I learnt a huge amount too.

I had amazing support, but I didn’t have clarity around my business offer. I knew what I wanted but did not realise the importance of targeting my ideal clients and servicing their needs. I thought everyone was my client.They aren’t.
Ask any successful business owner about their journey, the chances are they may have failed at a few things before they are able to find their niche.

Seeking and finding the right support or a business mentor you trust to offer you advice and be a sounding board can be vital. Some people employ a business coach, a life coach or outsource areas that they struggle with. It depends what you need, and what you feel will benefit you and your business the most. I have used all three.
And I 100% believe to grow you need to invest in yourself, understand what you are trying to achieve and have another pair of eyes on your business.

Ask yourself

What is the outcome I want? How am I going to achieve it? If I could change one thing, what would it be?

Know when you need help and get it

You may realise your overall presentation online needs work; your social media needs to be more engaging, your website is out-of-date, your messaging doesn’t reflect your services, your business brand or logo needs updating, or your business could benefit from being streamlined with online payments or online ordering.

These are all areas we help businesses with all the time. It may be just one of these areas that requires change or all of them.

We create websites, help businesses with their digital marketing, design graphics to support business promotions and work with businesses on their branding and can discuss your social media needs.

The status quo is ok for a while, but it is just that. A stagnated place that doesn’t change, move or get fresh influences. To succeed, you need to evolve.

If you would like to talk to us about options, get in contact.

I have created a PDF with FIVE tips about what you can do today to improve your online visibility. You can download it for free HERE.