Do you create websites for £300?

All our websites are built in Kent and each website is designed to suit each individual business. We don’t use templates or outsource our services abroad. We value time, expertise and experience and bring all these aspects together when you decide to work with us.

I need a business website, but I am unsure where to begin

You need to think about your business message and how you want your website to reflect this. You will need to have a good quality business logo, details of all your services and products. We will talk to you about design and create some mock-ups ideas for your comment and feedback.

Our services include helping businesses clarify their message and help collate required information and write content, as and when required.

We also offer a complete rebranding service, where we create the overall new look and feel for your business with a new logo and business style guidelines. We will then use this to create your new look business website

How long will the website take to build?

We will try and get your website built within three weeks from when we start, this is subject to the design being agreed and all required business information being available; photographs, logos, graphics and content.

I paid for my previous website via monthly subscription

We charge for our expertise, knowledge and time to create your website in one complete cost. We pride ourselves on designing websites that fully embrace your business, are easy to edit and up-date and then we like to hand them over. This enables the business to enjoy using their website and keeping it updated without any additional costs or tie-ins.

If I have a question and send you an email how quickly do you reply?

During the working week we will do our very best to get back to you within 12 hours. There may be exceptions when we are away from the office and it may take us a little longer, but these are exceptional, and we will let you know.

I have never edited a website before; will I be able to understand how to do it?

We take great enjoyment from helping businesses better understand their website and give them the tools to understand how to use it, up-date content and make changes. We have a saying “if Lucy can do it, then so can you!” Lucy knows we say this and she will be the one to teach you. Every website design receives a 1:1 session with Lucy to help you on your way.

Everyone talks about SEO, what exactly is this?

Search Engine Optimisation is how well your website ranks against search terms associated with your business. Where does your website feature in Google when certain search terms are used. Everyone wants to feature high in as many business related search terms in Google ( other search engines are available!). It is important your website supports keywords and you know what these are. There are other things that can affect your search rankings and we will discuss these with you when we build your site.

We design our websites to support SEO and can also write keyword rich content to further help and we will give you some useful applicable tips too.

Will I be able to get in contact with you after the website goes live to get on-going support?

We keep in regular contact with our clients and never leave you but don’t hassle either. For the first month after your new website goes live we will continue to monitor the site closely to ensure it is performing to its optimum and importantly you are happy.

The website uses plug-ins, will these be updated during the year?

If you choose to host your website with us and 95% of businesses do, we will keep all your plugins updated throughout the year which in included in our standard hosting fee.

If I would like additional pages added or some technical changes made to the website how does that work?

It is likely that you will be adding additional pages if they are blogs or News items to your site on a regular basis. If you need a section or pages added that are subject to additional coding, we charge per hour (£40 p/h) or if it is a larger piece of work we will provide a fixed cost for the work.

What hosting packages do you provide?

We now provide all websites hosted with us two hosting packages:

Secure Standard, which includes secure hosting of your website with all associated plugins updated throughout the year £180

Secure Standard Plus, which includes secure hosting of your website with all associated plugins updated throughout the year with telephone and email content support throughout the year £300

Alternatively, you can have Secure Standard and pay us by the hour for any additional help you may require.

We are based in Faversham, Kent. We currently cover Kent and London.