Having success with your SEO can be easy!

When was the last time you updated your website?

It is really important that you keep your business website up-to-date and relevant to ensure it showcases the latest information about your business and its services.

Each time you update information, add new content or images it gives the search bots a reason to visit your website. Activity on your website triggers curiosity and the search bots want to come and see what you have been doing in order to update the information they hold about your site.

Effectively you are inviting the search bots and they are grading you, the information you host and rating its relevance to any given search term that might be called upon when others search for services or businesses.

Blog writing is a fantastic way to include keywords to help support your business with SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is what every business wants but few achieve. Every business wants to improve their website SEO to help them reach new clients or potential customers.

Adding good quality content on a regular basis (I recommend weekly) is such a simple mechanism for keeping your business website lively, interesting and relevant I struggle to understand why businesses are not making the most of this easy win.

Always make sure when you add new content that it is labelled correctly and that each web page has relevant meta tags and meta descriptions, and all images are named to align with your services and business message. It’s as simple as that.

As my son would say, “It’s no biggie, don’t make a drama out of it.”
And, as I would say, “no more excuses – do it!”

We help businesses all the time to improve their reach, increase their engagement and being more active and out there!

And best of all we know how to help you when you need a break or holiday.

View our Five Tips to online success here. Ideas to help you when you are away from the office but you still want your business to be active.

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Blog Image @unsplash John Schnobrich.