Hot marketing tips for 2019

What’s going to be hot and not in 2019?

At the end of 2018 there was palpable frustration and a great sense of disappointment at the political bun-fight we were all witnessing, making one seriously question anyone in power and with authority.

As a business how may this affect what we say or do in 2019?

I’ve thought about this a lot and read many opinions and have put together five points that I think will be relevant to how we talk, engage and interact with our listeners, followers and customers in 2019.

  1. Honesty and Integrity

Never have these two words hung more heavily and required us to truly consider our business message and what we offer and share.

Be true to your cause and your drive.

Why do you do what you do and how does this positively impact on your customers.

  1. Local and community

Your brand may have a global reach but its place within a local community is essential. People want to feel part of a community that nurtures, cares and offers a true sense of belonging.

Facebook groups work for this very reason, they offer those interested in your business an opportunity to connect in a safe environment where familiarity and confidence can be nurtured, and information shared. As an owner of a Facebook group it is important this is respected, policed accordingly and conversations carefully monitored.

  1. Value over cost

Value is recognised and sought. Value in services, the customer experience and feel-good factor are extremely important to people. Businesses need to ensure they offer customers what they need. Transparency with costs on websites can also help customers decide and understand pricing structures to avoid wasted time and any confusion.

  1. Inclusive movements

Everyone is equal and matters. The gender fluid narrative that actively acknowledges we are all important must be supported by businesses and shown in their messages.

Capabilities, strengths and needs must not be stereo-typed.

  1. Increase your impact

It is well documented that you only have seconds to captivate your audience. In truth your audience doesn’t suffer with attention deficit but have become more discerning with what they know to interest them or not. Businesses need to know how to talk and captivate their audience quickly. With so much stimulation, social messaging and broadcast opportunities businesses need to know how to make their content relevant. Videos will continue to grow in popularity in 2019 and creators will become more confident and professional in their delivery.


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Blog image from unsplash