How much do you really want to succeed?

What drives you?

I have heard of some people so focused on financial targets that they put pictures of their wish list on the wall by their desk; next holiday, car or item of clothing and will do everything to reach their target. I seriously admire that level of determination and drive and I have come to realise that this is possibly the most defining difference between incredible money success and those that are more contented with having enough.

Understanding where that level of drive comes from or doesn’t can be an interesting personal journey. One would assume everyone would like money, more money and want to strive for success. Outwardly that is mostly the case but delve a little deeper and scratch about and you suddenly become aware of emotions and possible hang-ups associated with success and having money or only having a little money.

Does success relate to money?

There is no doubt there is a work ethic here. You have to want to succeed. We have all heard amazing stories of those who have nothing and yet against unbelievable odds rise like the Phoenix. We all love these stories as they tell us everything and anything is possible.

Success is a measure that does not need to be connected with money. We can be at the top of our game, totally results driven but not necessarily be rich. We can achieve and enjoy great success without high pay or earning lots of money. These are the choices we can make.

But what we need to know is how much do we want to make change, recognise our relationship with money and how this can affect our opinion of having it, earning it, being worthy of money and allowing ourselves to enjoy the benefits.

Possible perceptions around money.

There can be some preconceived perceptions that rich people are a***holes.

Why? Because some people may assume if someone is wealthy they must have been ruthless, mean and unethical to earn a lot of money.
Harsh. Yes extremely.

Put that against a backdrop of people seemingly wanting to always love an underdog, the one that tried so hard but failed. At least they tried, right?

Equally we may assume someone with no money is very kind and with a warm heart. Why? Because they deserved better and they must have not been greedy!

It is important we stop judging others success and start thinking about what we want and why we deserve it.

Have you ever looked at your parents, family or friends and noticed their behaviour towards money and success? Has it made you wonder how this may have affected your outlook? Was it assumed you would succeed, be a total success, just float along or was failure an assumption?

Did you want to prove them right or wrong or perhaps that never entered your head and you have always done what feels right.

Either way the sooner we all face up to what it is that is potentially holding us back, understand or question our driving force, only then can we make significant change. We can then start to truly own our journey.

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