How to deal with competition in business

Is competition good?


We all have our USP – Unique Selling Point. Which is ourselves, our products, services and location. Whilst other businesses may appear very similar in actual fact they aren’t us and will offer and do things in a different way, and offer their own price point.

Competition is excellent for making us work smarter, be more considered in our approach, drive us to want to be better and make us review our business to ensure it is the best it can be. However what it doesn’t mean is we have to lower our prices!

Never strive to be like another business similar to you, admire what they do well and learn from them and then identify your strengths to be your own success.

Make sure you present yourself well, look professional and be informed and passionate about your specialist subject – your services. Every potential client / customer wants choice, and this will be in price, service and products. It is often said you pay for what you get. Beware those driven by price, it can kill a business and also leave a customer feeling they didn’t get what they expected.

You can always pay less somewhere, it’s finding that really amazing deal and then knowing and being confident it will give you exactly what you want and needed. It may and it may not.

You can also pay more and still not be assured it will be exactly what you wanted or needed.
Or you can pay a professional for their expertise.

How do you know if you are making the right choice?
You have to connect, ask the right questions, read testimonials, feel reassured and then trust your gut instinct.

A business owner told me about their recent business dilemma:

Potential Client: “Could you reduce your costs, we really want to use you, but you are a bit more expensive than the other business (a competitor) but we definitely prefer what you offer and would like to use you!”

What would you say to that? We know what we would say….

In all of this please don’t skimp on your website design, your business message, your social media streams and overall business impact. Get it right, it deserves your time, energy and money.

Why not work with a business that specialises in marketing, branding and websites that you can connect with, that will be honest with you and is on your wave length – it will be worth every penny and £, guaranteed.

Madcreative doesn’t just build websites, we create your ideal on-line presence to help you connect with your customers and feel empowered.

We charge for our expertise and the time it takes to deliver our completed products.

But how much?
How much would you pay for an hours massage that makes you feel incredible? That’s our hourly rate x hours to build your website.