How to increase your online success for your business

Do you need a money tree?

We have a family money tree that was taken from a cutting that belonged to my late grandfather. His plant reached the grand age of 35 before he sadly died and after that the plant disappeared.

My grandfather took an interest in money trees after his visit to Hong Kong, where we lived in my childhood. In Hong Kong money trees are found everywhere and they are associated with prosperity, good fortune and yes, you’ve guessed it money!

Over the years my money tree has grown to be quite a gigantic kitchen window sill plant. It provides succulent shoots for anyone who wishes to have a share of the plant, and the belief it will bring them good energy and luck. I recently took a shoot for my office, after all that is where positive energy needs to truly be harnessed to help my clients and me continue to prosper.

In reality we all know a plant is not going to be the forerunner of good fortune. We need hard work, determination and business knowledge but I still love the idea and the connections with the past that my plant offers, and what’s not to love about having a lucky charm.

What if you are a business owner and want to increase your sales and online visibility and be more prosperous?

I will not suggest you get a money tree, unless you want one, but will provide you with some sound logical steps to help you increase your online traffic, engagement, interactions and success in reaching your audience.

A business that is not well-presented online, is in short just not showing up.

You need to know what to do, how to do it and why it matters.

Your business message, the frequency of your posts and the tone are so important.

We have a proven track record of working with clients to generate positive engagements, with more sales enquiries, increased website traffic, active feedback from potential clients and an improved business feel-good.

It is well recognised that most business owners are NOT good at marketing. The investment to employ a professional to help often boosts business morale, enthusiasm and drive within the company whilst generating a renewed love for a product or service that needed an injection of fresh energy. And often provides financial pay-back very quickly.

Don’t let your business down; give it what it truly deserves and needs.

  • Responsive, smart websites
  • Activity on all social media platforms
  • Engaging business related blogs
  • SEO to boost success in search engines
  • Beautifully designed printed material to support your message
  • Rich content to support your keywords

You could rely on a plant or seek our help, it’s up to you!