Is your business being noticed?

How do I get my business noticed?

I am often asked this very question.

How can I get my business noticed when there is so much going on out there?

By out there – people and business owners are referring to the noise of the internet, fast news and social media.

The incessant drum of information being shared; news worthy articles being written, dramatic stories breaking, viral videos of grannies reading bedtime stories, and the boring Brexit stealing the limelight again and again.

How do I get my slightly mundane service sector or serious corporate business noticed?

Good question.


You need to find a way to connect.
You need to share information about your services and business.
You need to identify a sticking point and address it.

You need to think beyond the corporate branding, the logo and the products and delve a little deeper.

What and Why

What makes your business unique?
What does your business do?
Why would I need your business?

And tell your story, impart some information and engage with your audience.

Now I am not suggesting we need to know a lot about you personally, it has to have a relevance. But if your business was Picture Framing for example, there will be a back story.

How did you become a picture framer and why?
What are your favourite prints or artwork to frame?
What is the biggest piece of art someone has ever asked you to frame?

You get the general idea.

You are starting to form a story board of interesting snippets of information that can be shared and say a little bit more about you and your business.

This formula can be applied to bigger businesses and all service sectors.

Apply these stories in a shareable form online on your social media platforms, in a blog on your website, create a video or LIVE on Facebook and suddenly you have content to support your business message.

Everyone has a story, every business can share information, but it is about deciding what is of interest, relevant and engaging.

Do this again and again and you will have an informative story board of facts and information about your business that will build your brand awareness, support your business message and enable you to have stuff to talk about.

And over time this will filter through the sharing streams of social media and support your SEO online and together it will increase your visibility and help you reach a bigger audience.

If all this still seems like more than you can even begin to think about.
Our services are designed to help businesses align their social media, create marketing strategies, write business relevant blogs and get under the skin of your business to help tell your story so others can relate to you.

Talk to us, we would be pleased to help you.

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