Is your website good enough?

Does your website give the right on-line impact?

Is it smart, easy to navigate and uncluttered?

Or does it say:

We don’t have a marketing / website budget”

“We prefer not to spend money on our on-line presence because we believe it’s the person behind the product/service that matters more!”

“Our website only looks good on a big screen, it is rather annoying if you look at it on your mobile but hey once you get home please fire up your desktop and resume searching, you’ll then be able to appreciate our products and services!”

“Word of mouth is our most reliable recommendation, on-line is for people who just browse the internet for something to do in the evenings.”

Seriously, do not underestimate the importance of having an easy to navigate with clear presentation website offering a critical eye into your business.

It is a fact the high street is evolving, and shopping habits are changing rapidly. We know most people browse via their phone, will impulse buy if it is easy to do so via a website and a secure payment portal, their card payment details are probably already stored for a quick purchase. Imagine someone walking into your shop with their cash already in their hand waiting to hand it over to you behind the counter – imagine!

Marketing information continually reminds us that the success of on-line payments for goods is driven by ease, on-line presentation, the responsiveness of an action, convenience and visual impact. In a world where people are running multiple communication platforms and searching for experiences, we have to ensure we try to deliver a positive one.

As a business, if you can provide relevant on-line information, an opportunity for people to get in contact with you and find out more about your services really easily, and even buy your services or products from their sofa or desk at work, then you need to be able to do this if you want to be part of this fast on-line economy. It isn’t going away.

It is no good moaning about your lack of customers if you are not offering what they want. Businesses need to be agile, willing to change and adapt and your professional on-line presence is all part of this.

Recently I have visited and eaten in two eateries, both had superb websites that gave me confidence with my choice, I therefore presumed I would like the ambience and food. They both offered an on-line impact that reflected their offer, but would I visit a restaurant with a poor website? Only if friends highly recommended it.

Take a look at your current website and be honest with yourself.

Then get in contact and we’ll do the rest.

Don’t let your out of date website damage your business reputation.