Making change

It doesn’t matter how old we are, what we think we know, what our job is, or what we love or like. There will be times when we want to make change and we need to know how to approach it and make it happen.

I am currently going through change and it’s not always easy. I’m not talking about my body – although my tummy size would suggest my consumption of wine lately has been rather excessive and the results are now evident. I am currently re-writing my business aims, targets and how I plan to achieve these. I am documenting the process on madcreative IGTV as a tool for others as I recognise I am not alone in this journey.
I support businesses to do this all the time.

Firstly, we do need to acknowledge that any change requires us to make a full and honest commitment to make it happen. We can employ people to help us; cleaners, fitness instructors, health guru’s, life coaches, business consultants and coaches. But ultimately, we need to do most of the hard work. The total acceptance that we need to change something to make change happen at all.

We can be fully supported and advised along the way if we employ expert advice. This can boost our morale and make everything more tolerant, easier to manage and help us reach our goal. But we still need to challenge our current situation and examine what we need to do differently.

I am often asked to help businesses when they eventually recognise they need to increase their engagement and grow their business. Realising they need to improve their activity and reach to appeal to their potential customers can seem like a daunting prospect. Most businesses stagger along for quite a while, happy with their status quo until it is so blatantly obvious that they need to make a change, they almost freeze in fear as they don’t know where to start. The acceptance that some form of technology is required if they are to make a significant difference can also be scary. Facing the unknown relies on finding someone to trust, who will actively engage in your business needs and guide you sensitively and carefully through the options and recommendations. It often starts with a conversation about social media and engagement, and lead to a discussion about the business website. With the implementation of an achievable challenging marketing strategy with goal setting to meet the business aspirations.

Over the last few years I have had a growing realisation that this is what I excel at and enjoy making happen. This is the reason I am now narrowing my business net. I used to cast it wide to offer multiple services to the many but now I know I want to work with fewer more aligned businesses. Here my energy, attention to detail and transparency can be used appropriately to the benefit of both parties, and I can truly make a difference.

Because change takes a real commitment from both parties to face the unknown and action change.

If you are ready now to take action then get in contact and we will help you get the results you want.