Mastering Technology at 50

It’s b****y liberating to be learning new technology at 50

I never would have imagined at 50 I would be helping businesses better understand the technology available in the workplace or how to increase their online visibility. Not in a million years!

I live with teenagers who find my approach to texting using my one finger laughable – why I don’t use my two thumbs at the same time is a mystery to them. Apparently when I point my iPhone at my chosen subject and click, I don’t do it right (according to my 19-year-old) and yet I manage to take some fabulous pictures. It’s a wonder I have survived the tirade of comments to succeed in helping others.

This could make one feel completely in-apt and want to give up, but I am single-minded, extremely determined and continue to be, and to survive I have decided to master all that comes my way. And it has not been easy nor is it. I spend hours each week learning, trying again, reading and teaching myself anything that feels like a challenge.

My most recent achievement was designing a landing page to trigger automated emails as part of my sales funnel. Now I’ve mastered it, I don’t know why it took me so long, but I had to get my head around the concept, the working process and then apply it so it actually worked. But not content with that I have now created two more, each with a slightly different message and style. I’m testing the idea, the concept to see which is better and more responsive.

When I sit with clients and discuss digital marketing and how to make their businesses more visible, I talk with resolve that we do live in a changing world and yes social media is a nuisance and everyone is on their phone all the time, people don’t chat anymore and we live in a fast-paced world. But then I also say, “do you want to be part of the conversation or be left behind?”. It is sometimes with resistance they agree they want to join but don’t know how. I understand, I’ve been there.

Not that long-ago Instagram felt like a platform that presented yet another set of new buttons, actions and rules I had to better understand. I attended multiple training sessions where incredible amounts of time were spent learning how to add glitter to your Insta story! At this point I realised I really didn’t care about glitter but I was interested in the concept and the idea of being on-brand. And I was relieved that there was no sparkly stuff in my business branding, as I just didn’t have the patience or the time to add it.

Then there are targeted Facebook adverts, pixels, analytics and trackable links. We (the consumer) are being monitored all the time, everything is measurable, time consuming, complicated and demanding. Is it any wonder businesses struggle to find time to engage and actually do the work they set out to do in the first place? And when algorithms determine that lots of activity is the only positive measure of success to encourage more engagement you know you aren’t actually allowed to do anything else apart from keep liking and watching.

But when all said and done, you can join in and then switch off. After all it’s like everything in life, we don’t always want to be part of every conversation, but we just don’t want to feel like we have been left behind because we’re too old or irrelevant. At least I don’t want to, not just yet!

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