Online Marketing for 2019

Over the last year, the most common comment I have heard time and time again from small businesses and business owners, ‘what is the best way to promote ourselves online?’

It is a reoccurring theme and apparently a stumbling block for many.

Especially those of an older generation, who may feel technology is moving at such a pace that they may need to learn a lot very quickly if they really want to really keep up.

I totally understand the fear factor, the concerns about what is relevant and what is not. What truly matters and what can be left out. And then on top of that why you need to bother at all?

Another question that I get asked is; does it really matter if our business is not online?
I’ll let you answer that one!

With all these questions, I decided I wanted to shine some light on the possibilities, discuss some options, share ideas and knowledge and unravel some mysteries around being online, being engaging and getting results.

Information sharing is so powerful, it can enthuse interest and importantly ignite a desire to want to learn more. And provide an insight into why you may choose to be more proactive, when you know what will work for you.

I am genuinely excited about the prospect of chatting to business owners and those that want to learn and make change. I am bursting with ideas I want to share, join me.

Together we will make 2019 amazing.


Following the success of the Marketing Online Workshop on the 16th January 2019, we will be delivering the ‘Sofa Surfers’ series to drill down in more detail specific areas of social media and marketing for small businesses and their owners.

Email: if you would like to know more.