Three things most businesses struggle with!

The three biggest THINGS a lot of businesses seem to really struggle with in this demanding online world.

Tell me if I’m right!

Number 1 – Promoting your business on social media.

“I know I should be doing more social media but to be honest I don’t seem to have time or even know what to say about myself, my business or our products/services.”
Is this you?

Number 2 – Old Website syndrome.

“I have an old website that I never update. I don’t know where to start and now it is so old I can hardly bear to even think about it, never mind look at it. Where do I even begin and then I convince myself no one looks at my website anyway so it’s not killing my business.”
Sound familiar?

Number 3 – Techno-phobia.

“I don’t trust anyone who works in digital technology. I think they all just want to bombard me with jargon, confuse me and then they make me feel useless. And how do I know I can trust what they say?”
I have trust issues!

The three comments above are the most common reasons why businesses don’t embrace social media, look smarter online or make change. Which is a huge shame because each of these areas can be so easily addressed with the right help and support.

BUT I totally understand why you may feel that way.

I even have days when I think, what do I want to say on my social media feeds, what interesting nugget should I share that someone wants to hear, read or see.

That is why I now plan ahead and think about my messages for the coming weeks or even months. I create a marketing strategy.

A website redesign can seem so daunting, but the reality is, it doesn’t have to be.
Find a designer you trust and let them do everything for you. Let them do all the hard work.

Most designers will write content for you, sort out photography and advise you on keywords. That way you will have a new website that does work for your business.
A website is a vital business marketing tool, please don’t kid yourself it isn’t.

I have heard some ghastly stories of people not enjoying the design process of their new website and being baffled with jargon and technology that is neither relevant or important. Even today when I deal with some industry techies they seem to want to flaunt their knowledge and try to intimidate me and make me feel confused. And I know stuff!
What is the point of people isolating you, making you feel frustrated and then expecting you to do business with them?

Because of this, we only build websites for our businesses that are easy to edit, use and adapt. But most of all we like to run the project from start to finish so you can enjoy the experience and we will work tirelessly on behalf of you and your business to get it right.

So the three things that might be holding you back from growing your business online, can be easily resolved, if you want to change.

Being active online, getting your website sorted and embracing change can be solved if you are prepared to ask questions, learn new things and challenge yourself.

In 2019 I am going to be helping businesses understand more about being online, digital marketing and how best to promote themselves. I have created a closed Facebook group for this sole purpose, so we can talk in private, and you can learn to trust me and ask me questions, and I promise no question will be a silly question.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

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