Website maintenance – prevent the avoidable

Websites do need maintenance, they grow old like everything in life and start to look tired, old-fashioned, slow to respond and react differently as time goes by.

It is advisable to give your website a regular up-date, and think about it like a car. It may need new parts, a service and a complete valet occasionally. And really it is worth it, a neglected website does your business no favours, and in the end may cost you a lot more than you ever imagined to put it right.

We do website health-checks and can take a look at your business site.

We even offer monthly no-tie in deals where we keep a regular check on your site for a monthly payment – a perfect way to spread the cost, the hassle and to know all is in good hands, with no technical surprises.

Get responsive

Most importantly, is your website responsive? Too many websites are not easy to view on mobile platforms and this is essential. If you login to your site from a mobile device and your webpage appears too big for the screen and you have to move around the screen to try to access the menu – your site is not responsive.

Great business

Fabulous service

**** website…… WHY?

Don’t let that be you!

We don’t do jargon, we will not confuse or baffle you. We will help you and guide you and tell you honestly what you need to do.

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